LMS Website

LMS Website

Online Learning Theme for WordPress.
Whether your starting your own website or building one for a client, our e-learning theme will help you create amazing e-learning websites just like TutorRoom, Coursera etc.
You have the freedom to create, design and manage your e-learning website exactly the way you want.

20+ Ready-made designs, No coding skills required.
Start from scratch, choose a ready-made design or pick from 100+ template blocks to make your own LMS website.
Ready-made design blocks help you to create visually stunning e-learning websites in minutes!

Student/Teacher Login
This theme has a built-in split login system and account features so you can separate teachers from students.
When a teacher signs-ups up they create and promote their courses, manage students etc. When a student signs-up they can enrol on courses and chat with teachers.

Free & Paid Courses
As a teacher or website admin, you can set a price for the courses so students must pay before they are allowed to access the course material.

Full Application Process
This popular feature allows teachers to validate the applications before users are enrolled.
Teacher can see a list of students trying to enrol on their courses and be able to accept/decline applications.

Video Introduction
This feature allows the teacher to upload a video intro to help users better understand what will be provided within the course.

Reviews & Ratings
Both teachers and students can leave reviews about their experience. Reviews are disabled on the course page for other students to view and learn from.